Toby Town RVA

Nestled within the vibrant city of Richmond, Virginia lies a town where dogs feel safe to be themselves and dog parents find peace of mind. It’s a colorful town meant to evoke smiles from the moment you drop your dog off at our town to the joyous moment you reunite. But don’t be fooled by the whimsical design, because it’s pawtrolled by professionals dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, fear-free environment to each furry visitor who chooses to spend time within our borders.

Toby Town was founded on the ideals of a fur kid and his dog parent: Toby and Gloria. Smart, funny, loyal, loving, and brave, Toby was a delightful Dapple Dachshund who Gloria felt could’ve been the star of his own series of storybooks. He captured his mom’s heart and soul, but he passed over the Rainbow Bridge far too soon. Turns out Toby inspired something larger than a storybook — he inspired an entire dog town.

“Toby Town was founded on the belief that every dog that comes through our doors is somebody’s Toby. That’s the start of every story at Toby Town. Each day, our team members strive to be the hero of your dog’s Toby Town story. “

Toby Town RVAThe setting of our story is our building, remodeled from the ground up to ensure the brightest, safest, most accommodating, dog-centric facility we could create for our furry guests. Our mascot, Little T McWeen, who you see in our logo, reminds us that the happiness of our canine guests must be at the heart of everything we do. Little T welcomes you from the outside as well as throughout our building. Try to find him in every room.

Within the walls of Toby Town, we work with these common themes from our story:

Respect Yourself

Respect Each Other

Respect Our Town

Respect Our Guests (Dogs and Humans)

The story of our town is being written daily by those of us who flourish within its borders. We would love for you to become part of our story. We will meet you at the Hound Town Square and let you know how to become a part of our ‘tail’.


Toby Town RVA is a proud member of The Dog GurusThe owners of Toby Town RVA are proud to have completed The Dog Gurus business consulting and training course. This course, which is hosted by fellow pet care business owners, provided our team with the tools needed to help us succeed and provide the quality standard of care and service that RVA pet owners deserve. Learn more about this training program at thedoggurus.com.

Our newly reimagined and renovated 6,700 square-foot space has been planned specifically to welcome dogs of all ages and stages. The talented team at Evans Construction collaborated with us since the days when Toby Town was just a dream. Through hard work, ingenuity, and creativity, they’ve transformed an office building into a premier dog facility. eci-inc.com

The paint is barely dry on Phase One of our construction project and we are already planning Phase Two. When you come and take a tour, look for these pawsome features:

  • Our pet-friendly floors throughout the facility are sturdy, safe, and designed with eco-friendly material to keep the rooms bacteria-free. Combined with our carefully-placed floor drainage system, we will be able to keep our facility clean, shiny and slip-resistant for your pets.
  • The walls of our facility and those inside our accommodations are made of a material called FRP. FRP is scratch, stain, moisture, and chew resistant. The antimicrobial surface is easy-to-clean and sanitize — plus inhibits the spread of germs or bacteria.
  • The FRP inside our enclosures utilize the Fear-Free coloring system. Besides looking great, the softer, lighter colors can be soothing to animals and lessen their fear and stress levels. Read more about the research behind Fear-Free colors at fearfreepets.com
  • Our accommodations have been designed and custom-built by the Mason Company, the industryleading designer of animal enclosures. masonco.com
    When you have a chance, look through their website and
    learn about all the ways Mason Enclosures are designed with your pets in mind. Mason President Greg Taylor produces webinars and speaks at seminars to advocate for better standards in the pet care industry. Mason Company is proud to be a RACE Approved Provider. aavsb.org
  • We are proud to use Kinn Kleanbowls at feeding time. These bowls are germ free and biodegradable, keeping both our pets and our environment safe. Kinn is an IBPSA-endorsed company (as is Toby Town) and if you would like to read more about the studies that led to their Kleanbowl system, you can find them at kinninc.com
  • Our colorful play equipment was built specifically for Toby Town by the great folks at puppyplayground.com. This durable dog-centric equipment promotes physical exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction. The rainbow colors also brighten up our town.
  • The fabulous murals that adorn our building were created for us by local artists from the Painted Garden. These nice, smart, creative, professional folks were willing to work with us collaboratively to create a vision of what the face of our town should look like. Learn more at paintedgarden.com
  • The interior of our Town would not have come to life at all without the tremendous vision and artistry of Andy from Truth AV Media Group. Come and see all the colorful walls, windows, and sign art created specifically for us. Learn more at truthav.com
  • This website itself and all the great content it contains would not have been possible without our friends at Madison+Main. Because of them, the news of our Town has spread throughout Richmond, enabling us to meet and greet people like you and your furry family members who we are eager to welcome into our family! Learn more at madisonmain.com